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Nomex Belting

Nomex Belting

Product Category: Feeder and Folder Beltings

  • NOMEX BELTING is a 100% Aramid Fiber Belting.
  • NOMEX BELTING is dimensionally stable in the high temperature ranges and will not shirnk.
  • NOMEX BELTING can be used on gas, oil, or steam heated ironers as a return belt.
  • NOMEX BELTING has a superior abrasion resistance due to its heavy resin impregnation and its course woven design.
  • NOMEX BELTING is the material of preference by many of the OEM's as a return ribbon for cylinder ironers

Available in:

  • 3” widths approximately 300-330 feet per roll
  • 6” widths approximately 300 -330 feet per roll

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