Help Fight Breast Cancer with Southwest Laundry Equipment!

Join Southwest Laundry Equipment Fighting Breast CancerSouthwest Laundry Equipment wants to help fight Breast Cancer, and we want to give our customers an opportunity to help as well. Since 2014, in an effort to serve those affected by Breast Cancer, Southwest Laundry Equipment has been selling exclusive, top-quality cotton herringbone belting, available in 2", 2-1/2", and 3" widths, with a single pink stripe down the middle.

Furthermore, we have been selling premium guide tape that has been heat-treated and is made of polyester, with a double pink stripe down the middle, available in 3/4" width. We highlight this promotion during the month of October, honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month, though we operate this program year-round. We are happy to provide samples upon request and are proud to offer these quality products throughout the entire year!

For those customers who have participated in purchasing these quality products, we thank you for your business and are grateful for your willingness to help fight against Breast Cancer. Southwest Laundry Equipment is pleased to continue to donate a portion of our sales. Of course, we will continue to sell all of our other first-rate flatwork ironer products.

Join us in the fight against Breast Cancer! If you have any questions regarding our Breast Cancer Awareness products or any of our other top-rate merchandise, please feel free to contact our main office at (602) 253-9687, or fill out our contact form.