Slings, Cart Covers & Commercial Laundry Bags

We have the finest slings, cart covers & commercial laundry bags that money can buy.

commercial laundry slings and bagsAt Southwest Laundry Equipment our experience, service and product selection makes us by far one of the leading sling providers in the commercial laundry bag industry. We truly provide the finest slings, cart covers and laundry bags that money can buy. Our slings are designed with the object of enhancing the productivity of our customers’ operations. We work closely with our customers and can offer advice on how to optimize their laundry cycles from start to finish.  Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we are proud to offer sling products and commercial laundry bags that are designed to meet your individual needs.

Our cart covers for commercial laundry equipment are characterized by their exceptional quality and durability.  We use, for instance, reinforced corners in all cart covers to withstand wear and tear.  We only utilize either reinforced Velcro or heavy duty zippers (plastic and metal) to provide more secure closings.

Southwest Laundry Equipment
Southwest Laundry Equipment

Southwest Laundry Equipment has proudly been serving its customers in the fields of hospitality, healthcare services, uniform and dust control suppliers, hotel/resort linen services, dry cleaning, party rentals, and penitentiaries. From flatwork ironer supplies, presspads, and covers, to belting, slings, cleaners, and lubricants, Southwest Laundry Equipment is proud to offer its equipment and parts at competitive prices. Make Southwest Laundry Equipment your resource for all things in the laundry industry. For more information regarding the services Southwest Laundry Equipment is proudly able to provide, visit the  website or call (602) 253-9687.