Rigging ~ Moving Commercial Laundry Machinery?

We specialize in moving commercial laundry equipment including ironers & washers.

Time to move your commercial ironer or washer? It’s not a secret that commercial laundry machinery is heavy.  If it is time to move your commercial ironer, washer or another heavy laundry machine then call on the experts to help…Southwest Laundry Equipment.

moving commercial laundry equipmentSometimes the biggest issue of getting a piece of equipment moved is getting it done in a timely fashion.  Our crew at Southwest Laundry Equipment specializes in moving commercial laundry machinery, not that we won’t tackle some additional equipment.  We believe sticking with what we know best is what’s important.  And, we know laundry equipment!  Each job consists of many details, so if you’re considering rearranging your plant for better flow, please give us a call.  Our experts can review the plant floor layout and provide recommendations, tips for the new placement and we can assist in the actual move of the machinery, even if your equipment needs to travel to a new location.  With over 30 years of experience in this industry, Southwest Laundry Equipment  has earned an excellent reputation.  We have partnered over the years with contractors, engineers, managers, truck drivers & operators on all types of rigging projects. We work great with others and have built a network of connections that provides access to useful industry relevant resources for any rigging project.

Southwest Laundry Equipment www.AZSLE.com
Southwest Laundry Equipment www.AZSLE.com

Southwest Laundry Equipment has proudly been serving its customers in the fields of hospitality, healthcare services, uniform and dust control suppliers, hotel/resort linen services, dry cleaning, party rentals, and penitentiaries. From flatwork ironer supplies, presspads, and covers, to belting, slings, cleaners, and lubricants, Southwest Laundry Equipment is proud to offer its equipment and parts at competitive prices. Make Southwest Laundry Equipment your resource for all things in the laundry industry. For more information regarding the services Southwest Laundry Equipment is proudly able to provide, visit the  website or call (602) 253-9687.