Yamamoto Small-Piece Folders

Introducing the Yamamoto Small-Piece Folders

Southwest Laundry Equipment continues to lead the way in the laundry equipment industry.  As a top manufacturer of laundry equipment, parts & accessories, the team at Southwest Laundry Equipment is now introducing the newest, latest and greatest machine for folding small piece items such as towels.  Check out the videos below featuring the Yamamoto Small-Piece Folders in action – right on the manufacturing floor in Phoenix Arizona.

Save time, save energy & work more efficiently with this piece of laundry equipment for folding towels in a fraction of the time it would take to fold these towels manually. 

Southwest Laundry Equipment has proudly been serving its customers in the fields of hospitality, healthcare services, uniform and dust control suppliers, hotel/resort linen services, dry cleaning, party rentals, and penitentiaries. From flatwork ironer supplies, presspads, and covers, to belting, slings, cleaners, and lubricants, Southwest Laundry Equipment is proud to offer its equipment & parts at competitive prices.

Southwest Laundry Equipment www.AZSLE.com
Southwest Laundry Equipment www.AZSLE.com

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