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Southwest Laundry Equipment is building quality, long lasting ironer aprons everyday.  Providing the world’s most popular ironer aprons in the laundry industry.  The reason is simple, our aprons run better, are more efficient and last longer.  Made with a special duck, using a combination of select long-staple cotton and polyester fiber with more twists than standard yarn and more yarns per square inch. Every apron is accurately pre-cut to fit your ironer perfectly.  They are complete with clipper lacing.  Together, this makes every Southwest Laundry Equipment apron durable, strong and stretch resistant.

Ironer Apron Sample
Rip Stop Heavy Long Life 5×5 Ply

The strongest apron duck ever made.  For extra durability, filling yards are 25% heavier than in regular aprons. 120-in. widths

Super Long Life 4×5 Ply

World’s largest selling apron duck. Perfectly balanced for longest life and straight tracking. 100-, 110-, 120-in. widths

Anti-Static 5×5 Ply Same construction as the Rip Stop apron, but with 100% polyester yards for added strength, plus metallic microfilament yarn to reduce operating problems due to static electricity.

AZSLE Ironer ApronPoly-Cotton 4×5 Ply 
Same construction as the Super LongLife apron, but with 100% polyester yarns woven in at 1-inch intervals for extra durability.

Ironer Apron Custom Sizes
Available Sizes Are As Follows:
– 21 feet 7 inches x 120-in. widths
– 24 feet 7 inches x 120-in. widths
– 26 feet 10 inches x 120-in. widths
– 29 feet 10 inches x 120-in. widths

Ironer Aprons Custom Sizes AvailableCUSTOMIZING TO MEET YOUR NEEDS
Ask about custom sizing options!

Our experienced team can custom design aprons & other ironer products to meet your specific needs or machine requirements.  This is an affordable option for many.  To discover more, contact our office.  A friendly representative is ready to answer your questions today.

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Southwest Laundry Equipment has proudly been serving its customers in the fields of hospitality, healthcare services, uniform and dust control suppliers, hotel/resort linen services, dry cleaning, party rentals, and penitentiaries. From flatwork ironer supplies, presspads, and covers, to belting, slings, cleaners, and lubricants, Southwest Laundry Equipment is proud to offer its equipment and parts at competitive prices. Make Southwest Laundry Equipment your resource for all things in the laundry industry. For more information regarding the services Southwest Laundry Equipment is proudly able to provide, visit the  website or call (602) 253-9687.