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Tis the season for shopping for a great deal ~ a price so low that it is worthy of bragging rights.  For the shopper in all of us,  Black Friday and Cyber Monday present a new level of excitement.  We get so thrilled about finding a great deal and then can’t wait to share the news with a friend or family member.  Every dollar saved counts towards bragging rights and a good story to share come Christmas day.  At Southwest Laundry Equipment we want you to feel this excitement whenever you purchase an item from us.  Whether it be a large piece of laundry equipment machinery from our manufacturing floor or find that small replacement part and maintenance accessory that you need to keep your laundry equipment working efficiently.  We offer great deals any day of the year at affordable prices always.  Our great deals do not end on Black Friday.  Every day is a great day for a deal worthy of bragging rights.

SAVINGS FOUND IN REFURBISHED AND USED LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT:  There is a lot of truth in the statement, “Buy used and save the difference.”  We want to encourage you to do the same.  At Southwest Laundry Equipment we offer great prices on the sale of used laundry equipment.  These items have been refurbished by our expert team of experienced professionals.  We  have restored them to run efficiently and work properly. That, mixed with our excellent customer service sales team and  you have a deal worth bragging about.  All thanks to the great low prices you received at Southwest Laundry Equipment.  Sounds like a great story, right? Let’s make it yours!

WE BUY USED LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT!  Don’t forget that in order to offer such great prices on refurbished laundry machinery we have to find those old units in need of repair.  If you have used laundry machinery in need of a new home, then contact us.  We buy used laundry equipment, fix it and make it available for resale.

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Need Laundry Equipment Parts, Supplies, Repairs or Service?

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Need Parts? Need Supplies? Need Repair Service? We can help!
Need Parts? Need Supplies? Need Repair Service? We can help !

We are the one stop shop for all your laundry equipment needs, including supplies, parts and accessories. We have an inventory of thousands of products serving the industry both as a domestic and international supplier of top quality commercial laundry equipment parts.  But that’s not all!  We also offer maintenance materials to make sure your equipment stays in tip top shape. Regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your machines working properly and efficiently.  Check out our supply of maintenance materials available online or by contacting our office team.  Our excellent customer service team is available everyday to help you find the part or supply that you need.

LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER:  We are a laundry equipment manufacturer serving the fields of hospitality, healthcare, uniform and dust control suppliers, dry cleaning, party rentals, hotel linen services and penitentiaries.

REPAIR SERVICE:  Yes, our experienced and trained technicians can repair your used laundry equipment.  We can do it all!  Contact us today to schedule your service call.

USED EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: We even buy and sell used laundry equipment. Do you have used equipment for sale?  Then let us know.  We want to buy your used laundry equipment! And, if you are in the market for refurbished laundry equipment – then check out our inventory of used laundry equipment for sale.

From flatwork ironer supplies, presspads, and covers, to belting, slings, cleaners, and lubricants, Southwest Laundry Equipment is proud to offer its parts and products at affordable and competitive prices.  So, for parts, repairs, service, manufacturing and even installations – think of us!

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